Melania Just Showed Everyone in America What Class Looks Like

It’s only when times get tough that a person finds out what they are truly made of. It’s easy to be kind and generous when everything is going according to plan. But what about during the times of trial and tribulation? That’s when the “rubber meets the road,” so to speak.

First lady Melania Trump hosted a conversation on emotions at the White House on Monday afternoon, inviting thirteen local middle school students to the Blue Room for an intimate listening session.

But when one youngster had an accident, the First Lady showed us her beautiful character and her class…

Here’s the story per The Bustle:

It’s not every day the first lady shows the American people her soft side. But that’s what onlookers witnessed when Melania Trump comforted a student who spilled water in the White House on Monday. While she’s rarely seen at events without a script, she seems to enjoy interacting with children, having recently participated in the White House Easter Egg Roll. These moments counter the seemingly stern and rehearsed image of Trump we’re used to seeing.

Monday afternoon in the Blue Room of the White House, Melania and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos met with 13 middle schoolers in a classroom-like setting for a “listening session.” Each student had to write on the board how they were feeling, according to ABC News. When one student finished writing “energized,” he accidentally knocked a glass off a table on his way back to his desk.

The boy seemed immediately nervous, but the first lady put him at ease. Placing a hand on his back, she said, “No problem. Don’t worry, it’s just a water, OK?” Trump seemed calm, given it was the same day the news broke that the FBI raided the office of Michael Cohen, her husband’s personal lawyer.

Isn’t it awesome to see our First Lady so comfortable and at ease with young people? For all of her glitz and glamour, she’s actually very accessible. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that the very reason the American people selected the Trump clan to lead the nation? At a time when political double-speak was the norm, Trump rose to the top of a crowded Republican primary for saying what everyone else was only thinking.

Thank God for First Lady Melania and her husband, the 45th President of the United States! Keep up the good work, guys!

Do you still support First Lady Melania 100%?