Devin Nunes Just Fired a Shot Over Obama’s Bow — Uncovered “Evidence of Abuse…”

Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, and every single Democrat and Liberal in Washington DC have been search for months to try and find ANY evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to hack the election. They, of course, have found none, because there isn’t any to find.

Hillary was a failed candidate, despised by a large percentage of the American public, and she ran a coronation campaign instead of an election one. She thought the presidency was hers by some divine right and thus didn’t bother to connect with the voters — especially the ones in normally blue swing states. She got beat, fair and square.

Instead of Russian collusion, what Congress has found instead is evidence of a crime more serious and devastating that Watergate, and that’s the crime of using the federal government to unlawfully spy on American citizens for no other reason than that they were your political opponents. It’s a crime that should send chills down the back of every single American citizen. Sadly, it doesn’t.

From the report filed by Catherine Herridge at Fox News:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told Fox News on Friday that his investigators have already uncovered evidence of “abuse” in the U.S. government’s surveillance practices.

“I believe there’s evidence that abuses have occurred,” Nunes said in his first interview since the House Ethics Committee dismissed allegations he had wrongly released classified information as part of the panel’s Russia investigation.

“We have had an ongoing investigation into DOJ [Department of Justice] and FBI since mid-summer for both FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] abuse and other matters that we can’t get into too much. But it is very concerning.”

Nunes pointed to the leaked conversation of former national security adviser, Gen. Mike Flynn with the Russian ambassador. The congressman said he is unaware of any leak investigation by the FBI or Justice Department.

“I hate to use the word corrupt, but they become so dirty that, who is watching the watchmen? Who is investigating these people? There is no one.”

Nunes said he will call Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, whose apparent demotion was first reported by Fox’s James Rosen, over his contacts with the firm behind the Trump dossier — to testify. The congressman said he believes the Obama Justice Department – from Attorney General Lynch, to her deputy, Sally Yates, FBI Director Comey as well as FBI agent Peter Strzok who was fired by the Mueller Russia probe over anti-Trump text messages — may have valuable information.

“It’s hard to believe that all of them, there was a very small circle that we’re looking into the Trump dossier overall.” Nunes said.

Just like the original Watergate scandal that led all the way back to Nixon, this one leads past Comey, past Lynch, and all the way into the lap of Barack Hussein Obama!

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